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In Vape We Trust

In Vape We Trust

We know you don’t need another thing, but if you were the consumer type with some extra cash burning a whole in your pocket, we thought we would make some suggestions of our new favorite “must haves” you don’t really need.

The Cannabis Guide wanted to see if all the hype about Vaporizing was, well…worth all the hype and we tested some of our favorite medicine to make sure we were adhering to the highest standards of  completely unscientific studies.

Here’s the skinny on Vaping: There are two types of vaporizers-the one’s with fans and the one’s where you collapse a lung pulling the vapor out of the chamber.  We prefer the one’s with a fan because they are easy to use,  you can get seriously medicated and we tend to gravitate toward a “less work more pleasure” kind of product.    Of course, the Volcano, the flagship vaporizor if you will, is still available,  and with a small loan you can purchase one.  Drawbacks include – it’s a big thing that stands out in a room, it prefers a large serving of medicine to fill the  bag,  and if you’re flying solo…?  Well, have fun with that big ol’  bag because it’s your only choice with the Volcano.    Our favorite vaporizer so far is the VAPIR ONE.  It  stands out from the crowd in a couple of key ways.  It’s small and very portable, in fact, it looks like a power tool you would have around the house if you were the type to have useful stuff like that in your home.  You can vaporize using a bag, or you can medicate directly by using a tube that fits into the device.  Small servings are no problem, and you can always pop in another cartridge if you need more medicine.   And, it’s reasonably priced for around 100 bucks, and that includes plenty of accessories so you feel a little spoiled when it arrives.   Spoiled good-having to buy more crap…bad.

More skinny on Vaping:  It is a great way to medicate without all the damaging carbonized plant material mucking up your lungs, but it is primarily delivering THC and not the CBD’s found in the leaf and stems.  So for those of you in need of the immune system boost provided by the CBD’s, vaping at higher temperatures will help release those active ingredients held deeper in the plant.



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