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Let’s Eat Here

Let’s Eat Here

No surprise you’re so hungry you could eat the…well, everyone knows that post-cannabis blood sugar drop can mean only one thing…serious food consumption.  No fretting, we’ve got the best eats for you from Siverlake to Santa Monica, and they deliver!

Everybody knows the most important meal is the one you eat when you have mad munchies, but breakfast is still the start of your day and with the perfect cup of Joe and a plate of something delicious just a moment away,  it’s time to get out of bed and carpe that diem.

We here at The Cannabis Guide enjoy a morning meal, but understand that you sometimes just don’t have the spunk for chewing complex foods like oatmeal and you need your power breakfast in a glass. Hidden in the heart of West Hollywood is the deceptively named, Beverly Hills Juice Club.

This is simply the most amazing smoothie joint in Los Angeles, if not the whole freakin’ world. Owned and operated by a the same family for more than forty years this place is the real deal. Don’t let the small and unassuming storefront stop you, it’s what’s inside that counts and I highly recommend anything with coconut.  The daily special is always a treat and the whole meal is portable.  Which, comes in handy if all that goodness has you craving a good cup of Coffee, because across the street is the helpfully named King’s Road Cafe, located on…King’s Road, ahhh simplicity.

Jammed packed with deliberately hip patrons, hold your head as high as you feel.  The patio/glorified sidewalk dining is fairly pleasant, and it’s fun to flirt with the staff whilst sipping a delicious Latte’ and discussing lunch plans.


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