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Why do some hybrids make me tired and others keep me up?
There’s nothing worse than having to take an unplanned nap and your errand list is as long as your arm.

Here’s the deal with hybrid’s. Some are more Indica dominant and some Sativa, so you whether your flying high or taking it slow is your reaction to the original strains used to make your Hybrid. Growers combine favorite strains, pollinating a female indica or sativa plant with pollen from another strain. they extract the seeds that eventually mature and then plant them, but not before making clones. And just like in any family, different plants can exhibit different qualities, some better than others. After much product testing, the best is kept and a hybrid is born. If all of this sounds confusing that’s because it is. Ask your cannabis consultant what is most dominant in the medicine so there won’t be any surprises later on.