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Why do some hybrids make me tired and others keep me up?
There's nothing worse than having to take an unplanned nap and your errand list is as long as your arm.

Here's the deal with hybrid's. Some are more Indica dominant and some Sativa, so you whether your flying high or taking it slow is your reaction to the original strains used to make your Hybrid.

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Gone To Pot from The Daily Show

Posted on May 7, 2011 in Watching

Check out this clip from The Daily Show with John Stewart. Jason Jones, a correspondent on the show, reports satirically about the massive rush of dispensary openings in Colorado and relationship between small and big business in the booming industry.

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  • Arkansas Supreme Court Disqualifies Medical Marijuana Initiative October 27, 2016
    Today, in a 5-2 ruling, the Arkansas Supreme Court granted a petition disqualifying Issue 7, the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act, from the ballot. Meanwhile, early voting began on Monday in the state. Thus, the ruling robs the over 140,000 voters who have already cast their ballot of the opportunity to make a complete and informed … Continue reading Arkansas S […]
    Maggie Ellinger-Locke

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